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Диалог между Piet и Wishmaster
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  1. Wishmaster
    06.10.2014 13:49
    Hello, Piet! Check your email, pls.
  2. Piet
    03.10.2014 22:49
    Hello Wishmaster

    I am new here on the Lada 4x4 forum.
    My name is Piet Roestenburg, member of the Belgian Dutch Niva Club.
    We have a plan to drive to russia and our wish is to visit the factory in Togliatti.
    Can you help us, with a contact person at the factory?
    I have no email adres or post adres from the factory.
    We would arrange everything in advance, and like to know how many people are welcome (minimum) .
    We would appreciate your help in advance.

    Piet Roestenburg

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