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Поиск: Сообщения от: Piet
Раздел: International 01.11.2017, 22:32
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Автор Piet
Film in Belgium with a Niva
Раздел: International 26.04.2016, 10:35
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Автор Piet
40th anniversary Lada Niva (4x4)

Next year 2017 is the anniversary of 40 years Lada Niva (4x4).
We in Holland heard from the spanish Niva club that there is a special celebration in Togliatti at that day.
Can anyone confirm this...
Раздел: International 14.10.2015, 11:19
Ответов: 6
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Автор Piet
Re: Niva Festival Germany,
The small group of the Belgian/Dutch Lada Niva club. In Germany last July.
We have 60 paying members at the club, and 600 registered members.
I have no foto's...
Раздел: International 20.07.2015, 12:23
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Автор Piet
Niva Festival Germany,

In Germany is this year a International Lada Niva Festival from 24 July until 26 July.
There will be in total around 140 Niva's in total, from the Netherlands there are 10 Niva's.
Later this nweek...
Раздел: International 22.06.2015, 22:57
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Автор Piet
Expedition to Mount Elbrus with Lada Niva 4x4

For the article
Раздел: International 26.05.2015, 21:29
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Автор Piet
Crystal Road

There is a russian online shop crystalroad ( that sells Niva parts.

European and African club members from Niva clubs ordered parts at the shop and also paid the parts,...
Раздел: Наши автомобили 13.05.2015, 18:54
Ответов: 14
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Автор Piet
Re: Фото недели на Нива Клубе

I live at the moment in Moldova.
Went out with the car for a ride.
Along the river Dnister
And one in the field, behind the old vineyards....
Раздел: Трансмиссия LADA 4x4 10.05.2015, 22:09
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Автор Piet
Re: Не знаю что такое...

Sorry for my english!!
The roll is specially against vibrations, first they where only installed on the 5 door Niva version.
Now we have seen them also on the Urban....
Раздел: International 14.12.2014, 01:27
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Автор Piet
17th International Lada Niva Meeting in Germany 2015

17th International Lada NIva Meeting in Germany!

When: когда: 24, 25 and 26 July 2015

Where: где: Freizeitpark Mammut, Штадтольдендорф, Германия. (

Раздел: Наши автомобили 11.12.2014, 23:22
Ответов: 26
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Автор Piet
Re: Здесь публикуем фото своих автомобилей

Мой автомобиль
После продажи 2009.
первый стиль
Во-вторых Ремонт
ведется в Китай в...
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