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Поиск: Сообщения от: Piet
Раздел: International 08.05.2019, 19:48
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Автор Piet
50 Years ABtoVaz

Next year ABtoVaz (Lada) is celebrating her 50th anniversary.
Is there at this moment any known about a program about the festivities in Togliatti.
Would like to plan a trip to Togliatti to join...
Раздел: International 01.11.2017, 22:32
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Автор Piet
Film in Belgium with a Niva
Раздел: Новости Лада 4х4 21.05.2017, 10:34
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Автор Piet
Re: В Тольятти состоится #NIVAFEST

Nivafest (
Раздел: International 11.03.2017, 21:49
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Автор Piet
Visit Togliatti

A german group is planning to drive from Berlin to Togliatti.
Arrival date is 07.07.2017, this also because off the 40th anniversary off the Lada Niva.
My intention to join this group in Russia...
Раздел: International 07.01.2017, 11:24
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Автор Piet

счастливого Рождества
Раздел: International 25.12.2016, 22:41
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Автор Piet
Re: 40th anniversary Lada Niva (4x4)

Hello Sunny.

Next Year 2017 the Niva club Germany will have a meeting in Berin Brandenburg.
After the meeting on 2...
Раздел: International 25.12.2016, 22:22
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Просмотров: 6,243
Автор Piet
Новым годом

для всех на форуме с наступающим Новым годом.
Раздел: International 26.04.2016, 10:35
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Автор Piet
40th anniversary Lada Niva (4x4)

Next year 2017 is the anniversary of 40 years Lada Niva (4x4).
We in Holland heard from the spanish Niva club that there is a special celebration in Togliatti at that day.
Can anyone confirm this...
Раздел: Новости Лада 4х4 16.03.2016, 15:58
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Автор Piet
Re: Новый президент АВТОВАЗа. Имя раскрыто официально

Comment on the post from Alex.
This is the statement from Carlos Ghosn the General director off the Renault - Nissan group.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and President of AVTOVAZ alliance...
Раздел: Новости Лада 4х4 08.03.2016, 11:13
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Автор Piet
Re: «Дикари» отправятся в следующую экспедицию на новых автомобилях LADA 4x4

Sergey, i wish you very much luck with this expedition. I will follow you as always on the social media. Goodluck and come home safely!
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