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If rear brake shoes get frozen

Sometimes in winter, rear brake shoes get frozen inside the drum. This may happen after a car wash or driving through deep slops, when the air temperature drops below freezing. If this happens, the shoes can be released by warming up the backplate with a rubber heating pad. Although to do so, one should be OK with some crawling, this method is free of risks related to pouring hot water on the wheel or knocking on the drum with a metal instrument, the other popular methods of releasing frozen drum-type brakes.

I hope other folks may find this useful too. However, preventing a problem is always preferable. So the sooner a car owner finds an hour and/or a few dozen bucks to process the rear brakes of his/her new car with copper grease, the easier it will be to take-off the drum next time, and the less will be the risk of freezing the shoes in winter.
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